Established over 28 years ago, Consulting Myotherapists has become an important part of the community.

Treatments Available


myotherapyMyotherapy is a natural approach to the treatment & restoration of soft tissue & dysfunction. Pain arising from soft tissue structures whether they be muscular, ligamentous or tendinous, cannot only be debilitating but restrictive of normal movement.

Conditions Treatable by Myotherapy

Neck pain, Headaches/Migraine, Back pain, Sciatica, Frozen shoulder, Tennis & Golfers elbow, Joint dysfunction, Correction of poor posture & biomechanics, Chronic fatigue, and many more

Ear Candling

earcandlingAn ear candle is a hollow conical tube made of unbleached fabric impregnated with a combination of special bees wax, paraffin wax and essential oils to help manage infection. Beeswax has a smoothing effect and the kind of paraffin wax we use has a deep cleaning effect. The simple method assists in removing excessive ear wax, infections and residuals of past infections. In most cases they may improve the following conditions: Sinusitis, Rhinitis, earaches, Vertigo, hearing difficulties, Tinnitus.

Lymphatic Drainage

lymphaticDo you feel tired & sluggish all the time?
Do you feel worn out after exercising?
Do you often get headaches & colds?
Do you have ugly unwanted cellulite that just wnnt shift?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then your lymphatic system is probably blocked. The lymphatic system is the garbage system of the body. It gets rid of what the body no longer needs.

The lymphatic system plays a vital role in your body’s immune function. When your lymphatic system is not flowing freely, stagnation occurs,waste product builds upin the cellsand lymph nodes, resulting in an increase in infections, cellulite and overall tiredness.

Lymphatic Drainage massage is a technique designed to “unblock” the ducts and assist the body to rid itself of its waste products more efficiently.


Turkish Steam Sauna

saunaRelax and luxuriate in our Turkish steam sauna, a great way to prepare for your Myotherapy / Lymphatic Treatment.

Dry Needling

dryneedlingIs used for the assessment and treatment of myofascial pain syndrome due to myofascial trigger points. Pain reduction is established by inactivating a trigger point, thus eliminating the focus of the muscle. One needle is inserted into a trigger point. Advantages of dry needling include: painless range of movement, muscle relaxation, pain relief and can treat deep muscles close to neurovascular bundles.


cuppingThe practice of which dates back to around 1500BC, traditionally practiced by both Eastern and Western cultures. Cupping works by introducing heat into a glass cup and placing in immediately on the skin, the resulting vacuum causes a suction effect on the skin. Cupping is known to increase blood circulation, relax muscle tissue and release factors causing pain.

Remedial Massage

remedial_massageRemedial massage is a form of treatment that can vary in both depth and strength. Remedial massage uses several techniques to repair damage to Muscles, tendons and joints. The aim of which is to speed up and enhance the bodies own repair system.