Established over 28 years ago, Consulting Myotherapists and Colon Health has become an important part of the community.


What is Colon Irrigation?

Colonic Irrigation is essentially the infusion of ultra filtered warmed water into the colon. Gravity fed water, gently flushes any impacted solids or wastes that may build up over time.

Due to the length of the colon, which is approximately 1.5 to 1.7 metres in length depending upon your height, we recommend at least 3 irrigations. These are normally carried out by having one on the first day, followed by another within 24 to 48 hours, and a third within 4 to 5 days after the second.

During each irrigation the therapist will provide progress feedback and indicate whether or not you require any further treatments.

All new clients undergo a consultation and education as to how the system actually works and you will be required to complete a full medical history questionnaire and consent form to identify any contra-indications.

Gift Vouchers

In today’s hustle and bustle climate, we know just how important time is when that special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or just because you love someone comes up. Not only do you have to think of a great gift idea that reflects your feelings but you have to take the time to get that special gift.

Now you can simplify that task by clicking on the type of treatment voucher required, you can print the voucher on your printer. Once printed call the telephone number on the voucher during business hours, pay by credit card, and we will activate the voucher for you. All the person receiving the voucher has to do is book the appointment at any time convenient for them. That’s it !!!!

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